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Create your own social network PHP

Social Network

Build today your own social network php quickly and easily with Sokial. With more than 150 features, all confused, Sokial is made for you!

We offer not just a script but a solution with these services included. We follow you before, during and after the purchase of our solution.

Unencrypted source code

We guarantee you a clear source, clean and unencrypted. Enjoy coding organized, simple to modify and detailed with many comments.

Modify the code with complete freedom, no restriction is made on the whole of the code, which allows you all to modify what you want and as you wish it.


We provide you with numerous explanatory documents on many topics (Seo, installation, development...).

These documents can be consulted free of charge from your member space that will be reserved, the documents are available online but also in different formats.

Natural referencing

Sokial is built in order to optimized to the maximum your social network for a successful natural referencing.

Everything is done to improve your ranking in the search engines, you can choose the keywords, title and descriptions for each page of your social network.

Reliable, secure and modern

Have a reliable community site, making safe and modern. With Sokial your members feel safe and relaxed throughout your site.

We are constantly looking for solutions and innovative features and thoughtful so that you can provide the best for your visitors.


You have at disposal a support completely free and available the every day of the week. No expenses additional will be required of you for benefit from our support.

In addition to support you have a FAQ, documents and videos explanatory since your own member space.

Compatible mobile and tablet

Our solution has a responsive design, which means that your social network is compatible with all mobile phones and tablets on the market today.

More and more of visitors use from now on the mobiles or tablet to navigate. Give to your members the possibility of remaining connected to your social network from any place.

Ready to create your social network?

Try our free demo version, you can test directly and freely our features.

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