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The referencing of a website is a means that one them users find you, either by the search engines, or by bonds.

Referencing is very important for a social network, thus we try to provide you best possible optimizations.

The textual content

The search engines do not understand the images. The texts are the best mark they have to understand about your pages. That's why we give you the opportunity to write your own content on the pages that you desired.

Semantics of the code

We respected a semantics during the development of Sokial who are rules of priority of the beacons to respect in order to certify a great compatibility with most browsers and of the search engines

Keywords, title and description

The meta keywords, title and description can be modified to each page of your social network, allowing you to position yourself on the keywords you have defined.


Thanks to the sitemap you will be able to give to the search engines the pages which have your site, without them needing to seek them. The sitemap automatically generates when you create or delete a page.

Url rewriting

The URL rewriting is important for optimal referencing, which is why we give you the opportunity to use the url rewriting with the keywords you want.


The speed of posting of a page is a point which the search engines put more and more ahead, this is why we unceasingly work in order to propose pages which take load quickly.

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