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Instant messaging

Instant messaging

Our instant messaging gives your members the ability to chat instantly with their friends.

Instant messaging is a Tchat is placed in the footer of the social network.

Status of the friends

With the bar of instant messaging you can see in real time the status of your friends : Online, busy, away, offline...

Sound Notification

When a person wishes to discuss with you on the instant messaging you are immediately informed with a sound notification.

Private Messaging

If you are not online or busy, messages that are transmitted via instant messaging are automatically added to your private email so that you can consult at any time.


When you write a message in the instant messaging, you can added smiley there so that your interlocutor understands your mood.

Report a message

If a message in your social network is considered inappropriate by a member, then he can report it to the administrator. Thus all undesirable messages can be removed.

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