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Facebook Clone Script

Facebook Clone Script

Sokial is a facebook clone script which allows you create your Community own site like greatest social network of today.

Our solution offers the same functionality as Facebook without having the programming team to design the same site that will cost much more.

Social network

Sokial is a script of social network where the members can share their profiles, photographs, music and events with friends and other groups. Sokial contains most of the features of Facebook, but also additional features.


It is a complete software that can be used to build a community site, although its integration can also increase traffic to your existing site. The script is packed with features that allow members to interact with each other by talking, messaging, e-mailing, voice chat, video and file sharing, blogs, forums and so on.

Why Sokial?

Sokial has easy navigation, a search engine friendly, scalable and easy to integrate with the existing site. The script can be customized according to your needs and can be customized for you. We offer professional assistance and provide you with free updates. All these characteristics make of Sokial a unique clone of currently available Facebook on the market.

Do you know what is the simplest reason for the success of Facebook? The possibility of sharing something and of obtaining from I like or of the comments, it is that which return people adhere to Facebook. Each time you open your homepage, you can see if an update has arrived. It can be anything, photos, videos, links that interest you and your friends.

Ready to create your social network?

Try our free demo version, you can test directly and freely our features.

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