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Administration allows you to easily manage all of your social network.

With the administration you can absolutely all manage, appearance of your site, to the management of the features, contents and members.


Do not be alone to manage your social network. You can always add administrator who will be able to also manage your site thanks to accesses special.


Send from your administration a newsletter to all your members. You can choose criteria of sending, for example, choose to send the newsletter that to the men or to the women, to the elderly people between 18 and 25 years etc


You can at all time to put your social network in maintenance mode, this will display a message to the people visiting your site, the informants who your social network is currently in maintenance.

Manage, edit and delete

From your administration, you can all manage, edit and delete (Members, photo albums, videos, music, blogs, events, forums, polls, shop, groups...).


Manage all your advertisements since the administration. Choose the number of views, the location, the back link, the banner. You can even insert your own Google AdWords ads.

Still more

There are many features in the administration, they are not all described on this page, so we invite you to try our demo.

Ready to create your social network?

Try our free demo version, you can test directly and freely our features.

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