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Activity Streams

Activity Streams

The activity streams allow you to track recent activity of your friends or the entire social network.

We designed the activity streams to highlight that sharing the members on the site.

Like, comment or share

Each publication in the activity streams can be like, comment or share.

Like a publication is good, sharing is better. Each publication can be shared on the activity streams, in a profile or to a social network like Facebook, Myspace or Twitter.

Each member can liking a news, once a member likes a publication, his name appears in the people liking the publication and the flow of activities related to the member is updated by specifying the publication that the member with liked. Each member who like a publication can change your mind by clicking on "I do not like."

Be able to communicate on a social network is very important, this is why each publication posted can be commented on easily.


The activity streams is loaded automatically when a new activity appears on the site. There is therefore no need to reload the page in order to see appearing the last publications.

Protection of privacy

Thanks to protection of privacy, each member can manage the appearance of his information deprived in the activity streams.

Edit or delete

Each member who published an activity can modify or remove this one very easily. Thus you leave the possibility to the members of being able to modify their contents when they wish it.

Photos, music and videos

Each member can since the flow of activities, poster a photo, a music or even a video and that easily and quickly.

Report an publication

If a publication in your social network is considered inappropriate by a member, then it can announce it to the administrator. Thus any undesirable publications can be deleted.

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